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Hoplite Chess Engine


Hoplite is an xboard compatible chess engine written in C by Frans Ekman in 2003. It had a rating of 2100 in standard games (15+ minutes time) on FICS when running on an AMD Athlon XP 1700+, mostly playing against humans (it was running under the username hopliteC).

For those interested in the sources, be warned! It’s terrible cowboy code, but it works fine.

Finally, it’s worth to thank Mikko Nummelin for providing Windows versions for 2 functions related to time controls, and brainstormed several ideas with me during the development.

Install and Use


Build it with make

You need the xboard graphical user interface to play it:


If compiling for windows:

make windows=1

Otherwise just use the binary.

You need WinBoard to use the engine. It can be found from same xboard page:


Hoplite, Copyright Frans Ekman 2003. No part of this software may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the author, Frans Ekman. This software is a freeware product without warranty. No liability shall be assumed for direct or consequential damage caused by the use of this software. You are free to use and distribute it to friends, colleagues, etc, as long as the package stays unchanged, complete, and the copies give obvious credit to the author Frans Ekman.

Download Hoplite 2.1.1

Windows Binary

Source Code